Who Am I?

Jamey M.

I’m Jamey, and I am an Edmonton wedding, engagement, and portrait photographer. I've enjoyed taking photos since I was just a boy. Having long been a photography enthusiast, I took a leap of faith into photographing professionally in 2011, and I have not once looked back.

I've had the honour — and yes, it absolutely is an honour — of photographing well over 100 weddings over the past seven short years, not to mentioning the tens of thousands of portrait, engagement, maternity, and family photos I have taken, and so much more. And I know that this is just the beginning of what will certainly be a life-long passion.

No one has a better job than I do. Seriously. As a wedding photographer, I get to do the thing that I most love — taking photographs — while immortalizing some of the happiest and most memorable occasions of your life. And while I do, I will be absolutely radiating inside and out. I couldn't hide my love for wedding photography — and how immensely fulfilling it is to be a big part of those moments — even if I tried.

I am always striving to grow as a photographer. I never stop observing. And studying. And expanding my reach. And challenging myself to be better than the day or month or year before. The day I stop improving is the day I will box up my cameras for good.

Why choose me from a sea of Edmonton wedding photographers?

I believe the quality of my photography speaks for itself. And I am quite experienced, having photographed more than 100 weddings as a professional photographer over the past seven years. But that doesn’t necessarily set me apart from other wedding photographers in Edmonton. While there may be others as experienced and artistically capable as I am, many have limited business expertise and experience. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree and was long a successful business professional before becoming a professional photographer. So, while you will find me warm, friendly, and silly good fun behind the camera, I treat your significant financial investment and our end-to-end relationship with a nearly unparalleled level of business professionalism. That’s the difference-maker with me.

What else makes me happy?

  • Love. I love love.

  • Adventures in travel, particularly throughout Latin America and Northern and Western Europe. Oh, Paris. Mon cœur est à Paris (my heart is in Paris).

  • Single malt Scotch.

  • Listening to stellar music and enjoying as many live shows as I can.

  • Riding my motorcycle aimlessly around the city.

  • Road trips! When my wheels hit the road, I am in heaven.

  • Petrichor. That's the pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long spell of warm, dry weather.

  • Any time spent doing anything at all with my lovely partner, Trisha. La amo molto.

  • Our wee adorable terror of a kitten, Sofia, and her older, wiser cat friend Francesca.

  • Spontaneous silly adventures in the city.

  • Good face-to-face, heart-to-heart conversations.