Cubans have officially stolen a piece of my heart.


I desperately needed a little sunshine. After another long Canadian winter, and my three cooler-weather vacations to France, The Netherlands, and Switzerland last year, I absolutely craved some real heat. So, when pondering my traditional pre-wedding-season spring getaway, Havana immediately sprung to mind. Cuba's history and culture have long fascinated me. The time of year was just right for visiting Havana. And, admittedly, I enjoyed the idea of continuing to re-trace some of Ernest Hemingway's steps across the world.

So off to Havana I went for a week in the middle of May, along with my partner-in-adventure Trisha. And boy, let me tell you, I was none disappointed. I die. The vividly colourful culture, the amazing food, and the well-aged architecture all were entirely spellbinding. But above all, it was the people of La Habana that left an impression. They completely stole a big piece of my heart. These are people of very modest means, having almost no excess. Yet most locals seemed so unexpectedly happy. They are everything I aspire to be. They deeply love friends and family and drink and food and good music. They make the best of what they have. And they literally dance unabashedly in the pouring rain.

Te amo, Cubanos. I'll be seeing you again. ❤️