A Christmas wedding in the mountains? Oh happy day!

If you know anything about me, you know how much I enjoy the Christmas season. Twinkling lights, holiday songs, fresh snow, great food, abundant joy, and a spirit of selflessness and cheer. What's not to love? Imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to join Megan and Stefan on the weekend before Christmas at Jasper Park Lodge in the stunning Canadian Rockies. All considered, I had high hopes for this particular wedding weekend. Perhaps unfairly so. It was my last wedding of the 2015 season, and the culmination of a wonderful year. But those hopes were completely met, and then some.

The weekend began when I, excited for my little winter wedding road trip, packed up my car on Friday afternoon and hit the road to Jasper. About an hour into my journey, it quickly became a white-knuckled kind of drive, with heavy, blowing snow that resulted in white-out conditions and me crawling along the highway in my wee Volkswagen. A wedding in December, and an out-of-town one at that, can be a risky proposition in Northern Alberta, and I began to wonder if old man winter was going to have a weekend full of unpleasantness in store.

About an hour later, however, as quickly as it came, the snow dissipated, revealing a stunning canvas of snow-capped mountains. I arrived in Jasper, and immediately made my way to Jasper Park Lodge. With remarkable efficiency, the folks at the lodge had me settled away in my cozy cabin, just in time to make my way to meet up with Megan and Stefan and their family and friends for rehearsal. Megan and Stefan are a darling couple, and it came as no surprise that their guests were just as warm.

After rehearsal, I headed to the lounge to warm my belly with an Old-Fashioned (okay, maybe two) before tucking into bed for a good, long slumber ahead of their day. As I drifted off to sleep, I whispered wishes under my breath to Old Man Winter and Father Christmas and anyone else who might be listening for a perfect winter day ahead.

It would appear that someone was listening, as I awoke to the most perfect winter wedding Saturday. The air was cool, but not frigid, and the sky was a mix of cloud and blue. I readied and packed a camera bag and headed out to capture some photos outside to set the scene for the day. Next up, I met the gals at the salon to capture their giggling as they were attended to for makeup and hair before catching up with the gents for a little while, and then re-joining the ladies while they dressed. And then it was off to the ceremony.

The decor at the ceremony was just perfect, and with the sun pouring in through the windows on Megan and Stefan, they exchanged their vows and became Mr. and Mrs. Then, with the bridal party in tow, we headed back outside to brave the chill and take some absolutely stunning photos. They were even brave enough to venture out onto the lake, and as you'll see below, it was well worth it. I had to remember to stay focused on the task at hand, and not just let my eyes wander everywhere soaking up the scene. Stopping for a little warm-up in the lodge and group shots of Goldschläger at the bar, the bridal party departed and the couple and I headed outside for some last photos of just the two of them before the setting sun and cooling air did us in.

After some excellent food, heart-warming words, and dancing up a storm, I packed up my bags and headed to my cabin to call it a night. With a warm heart, and a smile on my face, my 2015 wedding season came to an end in the most perfect way that I could have hoped for.

Megan and Stefan, my endless gratitude to you for inviting me to share that day with you. You are wonderful together, and I was so completely honoured and thrilled to be your photographer.